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More info?

On this page, you can read more about Sonus Raider, the technical specifications and other data. Notice that the lock is still under development, so we're still updating this page.

Technical specifications

Sonus Raider has a core of stainless steel, and an outer shell of PVC and aluminum.
The wire mesh is made of stainless steel, and is sorrounded by silicone. the tip of the wire is made of stainless steel aswell.
Sonus Raider can operate in all kind of weather.
Sonus Raider is operated by a Lithium Ion 3,6V 500mAh battery, and can last for about one year, under normal conditions.
When the battery runs out of power, Sonus Raider has a DC plug mounted in the rear. The DC plug will fit the USB-to-DC cable, that comes with the lock, and a recharge of about one to two hours in a standard USB port will recharge the battery to 100%.
The Sonus Raider bicycle lock can be operated at both iOS units and Android from an app that will be available on AppStore and Google Play.
Technology used within
Sonus Raider is operated via Bluetooth 4, Bluetooth LE, BLE or as we prefer it: The new Bluetooth.
BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, and only works with phones that supports this new bluetooth standard.
Sonus Raider can (Together with the Sonus App):
- Unlock your Sonus Raider bicycle lock.
- Tell the battery status of Sonus Raider.
- Send a unique password to eg. friends or family, in other words; You can lend your bike from your phone to whomever you like (As long as they got the app installed).
- Add several locks, and control them.
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