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More info?

On this page, you can read more about how Sonus Sonic is placed on your bicycle, and how to mount it. 

Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to secure a proper installation and fastening of Sonus Sonic.
Figure 1 shows a picture of how to loosen the bolts from the bracket, that attaches Sonus Sonic with the bicycle.
Figur 1
Figure 1
Figure 2 shows a picture of the disassembled bracket with the two screws.
Figur 2
Figure 2
When the bracket and bolts is detached from the lock, you're able to install the lock on your bicycle. The bracket is designed to grab around the main frame of the bicycle (Or perhaps the front wheel).
Sip resistant rubber comes with Sonus Sonic to prevent the bracket from chafing on the frame of the bicycle.
Figure 3 & 4 shows a picture of how to install the lock on the main frame of the bicycle.
Figur 3
 Figure 3
 Figur 4
 Figure 4
Another way to install the lock, is on the front wheel, as seen on figure 5 & 6.
Figur 5
 Figure 5
 Figur 6
 Figure 6
When Sonus Sonic is not in use, the shackle can be stored in the lock. The shackle must be inserted into the two holes as shown in figure 4 & 6 at the top of the lock.
To mount the shackle in these two holes, one must place the shackle as shown in figure 7.
Be Aware: The shackle shall not go all the way through the holes, but is to be placed like in figure 7.
Figur 7
 Figure 7
As seen on figure 7, the shackle end should only just be visible on the backside of the lock.
Figure 8 shows a picture of a correct shackle installation when traveling on the bike.
 Figur 8
 Figure 8
Note: The Installation instructions on the physical package of Sonus Sonic is in Danish.


 Dimensioner for Sonus
Are you not sure whether Sonus Sonic can fit onto your bicycle frame? Click on the image above to see all dimensions of the Sonus Sonic Lock.
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